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  • Brent Holmquist


As with all things in life, we’ll start at the beginning. Today in our house, there were a lot of new beginnings. We hatched nine baby chicks. After only 21 days in the incubator on our kitchen counter, 9 out of the 11 eggs hatched within about 12 hours of each other. They peck their way out of the shell (“unzipping” as I learned to today) and honestly look pretty rough. Their first couple of hours are what looks like as my wife Melissa puts it “like the day after a frat party.” They stumble, fall and splat on their face. Then they get right back up and do it all over again. After a few minutes of that high energy activity, they fall asleep for less than a minute until they get bumped into by another chick.

Our three boys, Barrett, 13, Paxton, 10, and Brecken, 5, were all very excited about seeing the new baby chicks. However the most excited out of all of them was Melissa. She spent the majority of the day today in front of the incubator just watching the new little lifeforms do what they do. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from our daily grind and slow down to appreciate what life has to offer.

Life has an amazing way of taking in energy, water and nutrients, and transforming that into growth, development and reproduction. These eggs are the culmination of that awesome journey. And then it repeats all over again. Life has its beginnings.

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